Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Design a Unique Business Card with Digital Printing Services

Designing your business card is part art, part science. You don’t just want a business card that looks great, but also gets noticed and represent your business in a way it sticks in their subconscious. All you get is just 2 inches X 3.5 inches of space; yet, you have to speak a lot about yourself; the company; make an impression; send a message across your audience and many other things.

Business card doesn’t have to boring! There are better ways to make it appealing and design it to sell itself.

Design a Unique Business Card with Digital Printing Services
Basics of Designing a Card:

  • Your Company logo is the face; make it the largest element
  • Keep the design breathable and neat, without stuffing too much information on the card
  • Keep just the essentials – Name, Title, Address, Phone, Fax, Email and Website. If you still have space you can use, include social media profile name. (ex. @CarCompany)
  • The typeface should be easily readable and take care of the print quality. Check if it feels unique in your hand.
  • Stick to just one or two colors that represent your company or industry theme.

Creative Approach to Designing a Card:

  • Print a bigger card, double the size (4-inch X 7-inch), so that it can be folded like a mini brochure. You could even print on a metallic or wooden or plastic card.
  • Non-traditional cards get more attention. For example, a birthday cake shape, Teddy bear or even functional cards like pockets, foldable paper toys and structures etc. These designs make sure that they are unique and get special attention.
  • Use textured paper for better effects. To make it visually appealing, you can go for embossing for a raised surface of essential elements like company logo.

Tips to Make the Most of your Card:

  • Offer more than one card to one client, so that they can give one to somebody else and help spread the word.
  • Send one card along every business correspondence
  • Use a hard, clean case and keep it with you at all times

After the design is done, it’s advisable to print a few samples and see how it feels. The best way to do this without breaking the bank is online digital printingservices. Since the image will be fed directly from the computer, you can order even the minimum number of cards; let's say just one!

Aforementioned steps will help you speak a lot with just one card; moreover, sending the right message! It will help build you company image, make you trust-worthy and is a great tool for bringing in more clients.

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