Thursday, 10 September 2015

Why Print Media Will Thrive Even in this era of Digital Media?

Dominance of digital media (DM) has led many to believe that print media (PM) will eventually cease to exist. In reality, PM is only getting better, in some aspects surpassing DM. Although ebooks are taking the world by storm, books will never be obsolete. Although brochures, poster, business cards are becoming digital, they are not always the best medium to do business. Sure, online digital marketing is fast and efficient; but print marketing has its perks too, which are not achievable the digital way.

This blog is all about the importance and glory of PM in today's dominance of digitization. We will also consider its shortcomings, whatsoever.

Why Print Media will Continue to Flourish?

The proliferation of digital marketing has made it tougher for online marketing strategies succeed. Whereas, printed materials when sent via mail, gets dedicated attention. Statistics show that over 70% of consumers prefer print advertising over online ads. The fact that over 80% of consumers read mail everyday, only bolsters the efficiency of print ads. Plus, print marketing has a low cost per impression.

A Survey done by Pitney Bowes revealed that over 70% of small businesses prefer the combination of both forms of media for an effective marketing venture.

Print materials exist independently without the need of specific electronic devices, power source and Internet connectivity. Unlike digital media, which are constricted by display size of the devices, prints can be produced in any dimension. It has a longer self-life; hence, ads, printed on paper will continue to reach audiences long after it was initially produced. Most importantly, it has a pass-along advantage over DM. Plus, they give a sensory experience because it's tangible, and welcomes a longer attention span than DM. This gives PM the advantage to connect audiences emotionally, making it memorable than DM. Today, QR code (Quick Response Code) is often integrated with PM to facilitate digital copy production of the same print.

But, PM has its limitations. For example, they are not as flexible as DM and can't compete with DM's fast supply chain. It also lacks DM's ability to analyze the audiences' response and then modify ads in a short notice. However, this makes PM suitable for business cards, postcards, brochure and flyer and other business grey literature.

It's worth noting that digitization has in-fact made print production more efficient. Businesses can take advantage of online printing services to get print material at a cost-effective price. It was only possible because designs can be created digitally and sent halfway across the world instantly. Digitization has also facilitated the development of crisp color palette, enabling businesses to avail high-quality color prints on a wide range of surfaces.

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