Thursday, 15 October 2015

Necessary Tips to Reduce Office Paper Wastage

Using paper for printing, copying or document preparing is common around businesses. All commercial firms need paper related materials in one way or another. Even in this digital era, companies require a lot of paperwork for marketing, keeping hard copy records and paper communication. However, recent studies on paper usage has given some shocking statistic:
  • Average office workers uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year.

  • USA, reveals that it consumes less than 30% of the world’s paper.

  • Printing and writing paper equals about one-half of U.S. paper production

The demand for printed documents on paper is not going to stop. All you can do is, restrict its miss-utilization and pave a new way for office paper waste reduction. Check out these tips to help reduce the amount of paper and printing products that are used in your workplace.
  • Go for both sides printings: While making copies, use front and back piece of paper to cut consumption in half. 

  • Prior thinking on document printing is necessary: Before printing documents, proofread once for errors or spelling mistake. Do not print extra pages. Only few pages instead of whole report. Also, consider sharing the document with colleagues for proper checking, so that any mistake would not result in re-printing. 

  • Expert helps: There are certain agency or firms that work in online printing and copying genre. You can hand over your task to them. They would surely help you with professional guidance, expert suggestions and finished print job, without wasting time and off-course, the paper. 

  • Tear or cut paper into shreds for reuse: Old documents could be used as packaging materials for shipments. Shred them into small pieces and reuse them. 

  • Wise paper selection can also help in saving: Choose chlorine free paper with a greater percentage of recycled content. 

  • Emphasize the reusability: Reusing one-sided printed document for rough pads, draft document and internal memos could be a great help in paper conservation. Put the old paper to good use. Also, provide trays to collect one-side written papers, envelopes, etc. 

  • Post commercial announcement on a bulletin board or circulate copies. 

  • Do an annual or monthly paper audit: Prepare an audit report on kind and volume of paper waste generated by your company. This would help in taking necessary step towards reducing consumption and find alternative measure. 

  • Educate employees: Conservation of paper and plants is more fruitful than an individual effort. Introduce employee about the effect of wastage and re-utilization of paper in your company. Publicize your paper prevention effort. A mass move would surely bring a new change.
We all can do our part for waste reduction and natural resource conservation in office. The fact is, to follow before it’s too late! This way you can surely cut back on the paper trail and leave your office, surrounding and your planet green forever.

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